Diabetes Greeting Card - Set of 10

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Yes! The good old fashioned greeting cards are back 💌 Connect with your #diabuddies and beloved ones. Don't forget to write (or doodle) something cool inside the speech bubble! 😀

Diabetes Greeting Card  


  • Sold in sets of 10 
  • 7 x 5 in (18 x 12.5 cm) Single-Sided Card
  • Blank White Envelopes Included 
  • Made in USA 🇺🇸


    Diabetes Greeting Card

    Printed on Demand (POD), that means it's just printed for you. Allow 10-15 working days to arrive (5-7 days to produce + shipping). Expect to arrive more quickly if you live in the USA! Let's create less waste with POD 😀