My story

Diaversary 1997
Hello there! I’m a Type 1 visual designer, diagnosed 25 years ago. I’m into pump therapy and currently using Freestyle Libre 2 sensors (yes, the one with the alarms!). Dreaming about looping soon 😀


Why the diabetic survivor?

Many, many years ago I had a blog where I posted advice to people with diabetes like me who were looking to travel... (it never became a truly useful blog).

I am an avid internet user, and during 2018 I created the Instagram account @thediabeticsurvivor to raise diabetes awareness using design to connect with, raise questions, and empower the diabetes community.

The whole idea behind is very simple: bring some joy and happiness to the diabetes community touching certain aspects of the 'diabetes world'.

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the diabetic survivor


I’m a #Dedoc° Voice  and member of the Blue Circle Voices, International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

What I do

I'm a visual designer with over 15 years of experience.

I work in the creative team of a diabetes NGO and I’m also a freelancer - currently very interested in all diabetes tech.

I have developed a wide range of projects working with others as a designer with different diabetes related organisations such as Eversense CGM#insulin4all T1International, Quin diabetes mobile app, Camp Conrad Chinnock - Diabetes Camping and Genteel Lancing Device.

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