My story

the diabetic survivor self-portraitHello there! I have diabetes Type 1 and I was diagnosed 20 years ago. I use Libre sensors (FGM) and I've been on pump therapy forĀ one year and a half. Indeed, I'm a full-time Cyborg šŸ˜€

Why thediabeticsurvivor?

Many, many years ago I had a blog where I posted advice to diabetic peopleĀ like me who wereĀ looking to travel... (it never became a truly useful blog).
I am an avid internet user, and during this last year I created the Instagram account @thediabeticsurvivor with the aim of blending my graphic design background with my recent Master in Fine Arts in order to create meaningful images for the diabetic community.
TheĀ wholeĀ ideaĀ behind is veryĀ simple: bring some joy and happiness toĀ theĀ diabetes community touching certain aspects of the 'diabetes world'. Thanks to that I have been developing also a wide range of projects working with others as aĀ visual designer with different organisations such asĀ T1International, UK and Beyond Type 1, USA.

If you feel like weā€™d be a good fit justĀ message me atĀ hello@thediabeticsurvivor.comĀ šŸ˜€



I am drawn to art and I like to visit exhibitions and anything related with the visual, I also love films.

During this year I have been trying climbing with my girlfriend, however, I found it a little difficult with the issue of diabetic foot care.

I enjoy doing barbecues with friends and riding my bike around London. Iā€™m clumsy playing Frisbee though I like it. This year Iā€™m taking 'Alexander Technique' classes, which is a technique developed to reeducate one's awareness and habits of posture.

I do love cheese (specifically camembertĀ and brie) and I try to stay on a low carb diet because of my blood sugar levels. Sometimes I find myself doodling and reading about Diabetes in the internet community, some of that can be seen here at www.thediabeticsurvivor.com. Not sure if itā€™s a hobby, just the opposite, but I spend some time with the customer service of Abbot about Libre sensors!


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