Eco-friendly Store

Eco-friendly Store

As a person with diabetes type 1 myself, I regularly think about the waste we produce with our disposable supplies. These are much needed for us to survive but lead us into a dead-end everyday 💉 Plastic test strips everywhere at home without even talking about the bulky pump supplies!

So, with that in mind, let me explain how this store operates and how we are reducing our ecological footprint  😊 🌱 


Made one at a time and shipped responsibly. For a happy planet. 

We seek to be an eco-friendly store. Our products are Printed on Demand (POD), we do not hold stock and items are printed just for you. 

That's the reason why you need to allow 8-12 working days for your purchase to arrive (5-7 days for manufacturing + shipping 🚚). As we produce the majority of our products in the USA, expect them to arrive more quickly if you live there!

We know that longer turnaround times are frustrating, however, that means that by you stocking up on cool diabetes awareness apparel, you're also helping the environment. How amazing is that?! Go you!

We love Amazon Prime, however, let's create less waste with Print on Demand! 😀

Eco friendly the diabetic survivor 

Less waste

Print on demand (POD) is part of the sustainable green printing movement. It’s eco friendly in and of itself, for it lets customers print exactly the amount they need, and no more. It, therefore, produces less waste. 

With 92 million tons of textiles going to waste in the fashion industry each year, a POD model is a game-changer 🌎♻️


Sustainable products

All Adult Tees and Tanks in our store come from Bella + Canvas an eco-friendly clothing company 😊 Bella+Canvas uses solar energy, limits water use, and recycles waste by-products to make sure their products can sport the eco-friendly tag. We are in a constant search for new sustainable POD suppliers!

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