Dead Pancreas Gang

Dead Pancreas Gang

Time to revisit my dead pancreas gang artwork.

As you know, for many of us with diabetes, our pancreas is not scientifically dead...


Our pancreas has other functions too. The pancreas is not dead unless someone has pancreatic exocrine dysfunction as well. Or if it’s been removed entirely. So, better not call it dead? Well... in that sense 'no pancreas gang' or 'malfunctioning pancreas gang' would be a more accurate design.

Having said that, the phrase 'dead pancreas gang' in our community of people with diabetes aims to connect with ALL of us and our varying levels of dysfunctional pancreas (which even where present can sometimes feel very absent) as well as add some humour to the daily frustrations.

I promise I will go back to the drawing board and do a PANCREAS MALFUNCTION GANG design soon!

Check my new DEAD PANCREAS GANG design empowered by a flying star and tell me what you think on Instagram - @thediabeticsurvivor.

Thanks for your support 💪🏼😊


Dead Pancreas Gang Hoodie

Five stars

Emmy Alford on Apr 02, 2019

Not only was my boyfriend over the moon about his gift, the quality was amazing and what the company is doing is also amazing! Type 1 needs more attention brought to it !!!!!!

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