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Pancreas Co-Pilot Sticker - Indoor/Outdoor

Pancreas Co-Pilot Sticker - Indoor/Outdoor

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Family, friends, endo nurses, and all those working in healthcare who help us in our diabetes journey. Thanks for being our Pancreas Co-Pilot 🙌

Pancreas CO-PILOT Sticker


  • 3" x 3”  - depending on design proportions the size of the sticker may vary within the 3 x 3-inch square.
  • Printed with Eco-friendly solvent inks   😊 🌱


      Running on coffee and insulin

      Made one at a time and shipped responsibly. For a happy planet. Allow 8-12 working days to arrive. Let's create less waste 😀

      • Made one at a time and shipped responsibly.
      • Allow 8-12 working days to arrive.
      • We seek to be an eco-friendly store. For a happy planet. 
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