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Heart Wooden Christmas Ornament

Heart Wooden Christmas Ornament

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Diabetes does not define us but of course, like any chronic condition, it is a huge part of our life - a demanding part! Place this wooden heart on your Christmas tree as an important reminder: diabetes doesn't put us in a box 💙

Equipped with a magnetic back featuring a cool T1D ribbon, so you can decorate your fridge or any metal surface. Red ribbon for hanging included.


  • Solid Wood
  • Magnetic back
  • Red ribbon included


Running on coffee and insulin

Made one at a time and shipped responsibly. For a happy planet. Allow 8-12 working days to arrive. Let's create less waste 😀

  • Made one at a time and shipped responsibly.
  • Allow 8-12 working days to arrive.
  • We seek to be an eco-friendly store. For a happy planet. 
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