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Pancreas as a Vial 🚗 Bumper Sticker

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For your laptop or the bumper of your car!  Approved for indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks Frederick Banting! Now diabetic people have access to insulin. Diabetes completely changed after that. Insulin: hormone made by the Pancreas (in some people... 😜) 

Pancreas Sticker


  • Small 3x2 inch (7.5 x 5 cm). Perfect for your Phone 🤳
  • Medium 4x3 inch (10 x 5 cm). Try it on your Laptop!
  • Large 6x4 inch (15.2 x 10 cm). Perfect for car Bumpers.


  • Indoor and outdoor use (try the bumper of your car 🚗)
  • Writable with Permanent Marker
  • Removable without Residue
  • Waterproof 💦


    Printed on Demand (POD), that means it's just printed for you. Allow 10-15 working days to arrive (5-7 days to produce + shipping). Expect to arrive more quickly if you live in the USA! Let's create less waste with POD 😀