The Advent of Smart Pens inpen

The Advent of Smart Pens

The Advent of Smart Pens

In 2017, Companion Medical launched the InPen, a smart insulin pen that digitized MDI (multiple daily injections) for people with diabetes. In mid-2022, Medtronic acquired Companion Medical and bought the rights to manufacture and market the InPen. The InPen now stands among Medtronic's long line of diabetes tech products.

Let's see how the InPen works and what value it offers for diabetes management.


What is "Smart" about the InPen?

The InPen is equipped with Bluetooth technology that makes it much more than just an insulin pen. The InPen is capable of automatically tracking injected insulin, a feat that was previously only achieved with an insulin pump. 

Moreover, the InPen offers the following helpful features:

  • Dose Calculator: The InPen app can calculate insulin doses based on a variety of factors, including carbohydrates consumed, blood glucose levels, and active insulin.  
  • Dose Reminder: Forgetting your insulin dose is less likely, as you can set reminders on the app for taking insulin. 
  • Carb Counting Support: This feature offers 3 options to help people with diabetes in carb counting. Users can either set a fixed dose for every meal, use the estimation tool to estimate insulin units based on the size of the meal, or enter the exact amount of carbohydrates in the meal for a personalized dose recommendation.
  • Dosing LogBook: The app also acts as a digital logbook, storing dosing data for up to a year. The graphical tools make it easy to communicate records with the healthcare team.

Bottom Line

The InPen opened up new possibilities in the world of diabetes technology. Its ability to store dosing data and provide personalized dose recommendations makes it a valuable tool for improving diabetes management. 

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