Tandem T:Slim X2: First Interoperable Insulin Pump

Tandem T:Slim X2: First Interoperable Insulin Pump

Tandem T:Slim X2: First Interoperable Insulin Pump 

In 2019, FDA authorized the world's first Interoperable Insulin Pump developed by Tandem. The T:Slim X2 was the first in a line of an insulin pump category called “Alternate Controller Enabled (ACE)”. 

It allows cross-device compatibility, meaning the T:Slim X2 integrates with other diabetes management devices allowing people with diabetes more freedom and customizability. 


A Design Breakthrough

Insulin pumps have always been criticized for their bulky designs making them an inconvenient partner in everyday life. However, the T:Slim X2 proved that insulin pump devices can be smart and compact. 

The Tandem pump utilizes an easy-to-use colour touchscreen instead of bulky buttons. The overall pump has a slim and sleek design making it significantly smaller than most other insulin pumps on the market. 

Furthermore, despite its slim design the T:Slim X2 can hold up to 300 units of insulin in its reservoir.

Easy Management with the Control-IQ Tech

The Tandem T Slim X2 can be integrated with the Dexcom G6 CGM to enhance its functionality as an insulin pump. When integrated with the Dexcom G6, the T:Slim X2 becomes capable of predictive insulin delivery.

Tandem offers two options for users who wish to utilize predictive insulin delivery features:

  1. Control-IQ Technology: This technology enables the insulin pump to optimize insulin delivery according to the CGM readings and even automate corrective bolus doses to prevent hyperglycemia.
  2. Basal-IQ Technology: The Basal-IQ setup enables the Tandem T:Slim X2 to suspend Basal insulin delivery to prevent the blood sugar from dropping too low. This system does not require active input as it works in the background.

Overall, like all diabetes management devices, the Tandem T:Slim X2 was not the perfect product for every individual. However, with its interoperability and sleek design the T:Slim X2 raised the bar for future diabetes technologies.


Have a look below to this old ad - it really felt so futuristic at the time!

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