Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm

Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time - The First CGM configured Insulin Pump

The First CGM configured Insulin Pump

Starting all the way from 1983 with the launch of the first commercial Insulin Pump (MiniMed 502), Medtronic has always been at the forefront of innovative breakthroughs in Insulin Pump Therapy.

In 2006, The Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time was launched following the FDA approval. For the first time in the history of Insulin Pump therapy, a CGM was configured with an insulin delivery system. The MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time was a stepping stone toward an Artificial Pancreas System. 

The MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time aimed to reduce the hundreds of decisions that people on insulin therapy have to take every day. Receiving consistent input from a Continuous Glucose Monitor, this pump allowed users to take instant corrective measures to stay on top of their blood glucose levels. 

The MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time Pump consisted of two major components:

  1. The REAL-Time CGM System
  2. MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump

The REAL-Time CGM was designed to communicate blood glucose readings to the pump every 5 minutes or a total of 288 blood glucose readings in 24 hours. This enabled the users to better understand their Blood Glucose patterns.

The MiniMed Paradigm Insulin Pump also featured a smart bolus calculator tool that considered various factors like active insulin to provide dosage recommendations. 

Medtronic also introduced a special feature in the Paradigm REAL-Time pump for minimising incidents of Hypoglycemia. The ‘insulin action curve’ tool displayed the active insulin in the user’s body, making it easier to predict and avoid a possible Hypoglycemia.

To Conclude, the Medtronic Paradigm REAL-Time Pump System reduced the overall burden of diabetes management and allowed for better controls.


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