OmniPod Disposable Infusion Pump (Pod)

Insulet Corp. “OmniPod”

The Insulet Corporation was founded in 2000 (aka infusion pod pump insulet corp), it was not until mid-2003 that it received its first clearance from the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). In 2005, Insulet Corp. released the Omnipod Insulin Pump system commercially. The Omnipod was a novel insulin pump that introduced the idea of wireless pumps.

Conventionally, Insulin Pumps consisted of a separate reservoir device and a tube with a catheter that was inserted into the body. These pumps were commonly known as “tubed” or “Tethered” pumps. 

The Insulet OmniPod Insulin Management System consists of two major components; 


OmniPod Disposable Infusion Pump (Pod)

A pod containing insulin is attached to the body for insulin delivery. It is a compact and lightweight device that comes with an adhesive base. It features a soft cannula that is inserted into the subcutaneous tissue upon application. Apart from insulin delivery, the pod also acts as an insulin reservoir for the Omnipod System. 


OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM)

The PDM is an independent device used for administering insulin doses and giving input to the Pod. Thanks to the built-in Freestyle Blood Glucose meter, it also stores and displays blood glucose readings. Moreover, the PDM provides an option for “Suggested Bolus Dose”  to assist with the infamous “diabetes maths”.

PDM and the Pod are connected wirelessly allowing for bi-directional communication. This technology eliminated the need for a tube for insulin delivery. Therefore, the Omnipod was referred to as a “Patch” or a “Tubeless” Insulin Pump. 

The Omnipod Pump System was easy to install, provided more flexibility, and reduced the burden of managing an infusion tube. 


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