Freestyle Libre 3 alternative sensor sites

Freestyle Libre 3 alternative sensor sites

Breaking Free with Freestyle Libre 3: The Game-Changing Glucose Monitor

Hey there, today, let's dive into the Freestyle Libre 3 sensor. Diabetes is a daily challenge, but as we all know with the right technology, we can definitely make it a bit smoother.


The Freestyle Libre 3 Sensor: A Diabetes Superhero

Imagine having a sidekick that constantly has your back, monitoring your glucose levels 24/7 without the fuss of traditional fingersticks. That's what the Freestyle Libre 3 sensor is all about. This small, discreet device attaches to your skin and measures your glucose levels through a tiny filament just under the skin. No more pricking your fingers multiple times a day! For those who are aware of the previous versions: Libre 1 and Libre 2, this last version is finally a proper CGM with some very interesting commercial integrations like CamAPS FX hybrid closed-loop algorithm and mylife YpsoPump insulin pump or a much waited one which is still in the pipeline: the integration of Libre 3 with Omnipod - which should be out very soon.


Easy Peasy Application:

Putting on the Freestyle Libre 3 sensor is as easy as 1-2-3. Clean the site, attach the sensor, and voilà! You're ready to start tracking your glucose levels effortlessly. Nothing different from the previous versions.


You can do the Scan and Go but now is a fully grown CGM

Previous version provided all the data you need with a quick scan - it was a Flash Glucose System (FGM). But, this new version is a fully capable CGM system.

LibreLink App

The Freestyle Libre 3 sensor syncs seamlessly with the LibreLink app, allowing you to monitor your glucose trends, set alarms, and make more informed decisions about your diabetes management. As mentioned previously, some integrations around the corner for Omnipod users will be launching soon

The first hybrid closed loop system that uses a FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor is available in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland already.

It will also be launched in other countries in Europe and in Australia in the forthcoming months, developers have announced.

The performance of the interoperable CamAPS FX hybrid closed-loop algorithm with FreeStyle Libre 3 glucose sensor and mylife YpsoPump insulin pump in a real-world setting has been published. Yes, you are right, the CamAPS FX closed-loop algorithm is also compatible with the Dexcom G6 sensor.

Freestyle Libre 3 alternative sensor sites

Be aware that only the position under the arm has been clinically evaluated and approved for use. All others sites are not recommended but have been widely explored by the diabetes communities for many obvious different reasons.

Check the YouTube video below by @JacksonSinclair testing alternative FreeStyle Libre sensor locations:
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